Kingxbar PQY Pure MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 Pro red

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Kingxbar PQY Pure Series - magnetic case, case, cover - compatible with MagSafe A slim and lightweight iPhone case that will add a touch of color to your phone? It has to be Kingxbar PQY Pure Series. Subtle appearance, durable construction, compatibility with, among others with a wireless charger - you can't pass by this case indifferently. The most important advantages of Kingxbar PQY Pure Series: Translucent case in subtle colors Effectively protects the phone from scratches and cracks Slim and light Available for several iPhone models Compatible with MagSafe accessories iPhone in subtle shades Are you bored with the original color of your iPhone? Choose the Kingxbar PQY Pure Series case. This cover will add a new color dimension to your phone. Thanks to the translucent material, the case will not completely cover the shape or change the color of the smartphone - it will only add a delicate color accent. The case is available in several versions. Long-term protection The Kingxbar PQY Pure Series case is slim and light, but at the same time durable and solid. It will effectively protect your iPhone against the effects of bumps, shocks or scratches. So you can safely toss the phone into your purse or backpack, knowing that nothing will happen to it. Perfect match The material from which the Kingxbar PQY Pure Series case was made allowed not only to perfectly fit the case to the phone, but also to precisely cut holes for the camera or buttons. So you have full access to all the functions you need on your iPhone - no need to remove the case. Compatible with MagSafe Are you using AirPods or a wireless charger? The Kingxbar PQY Pure Series case is fully compatible with them. This means you don't need to remove the case if you want to attach MagSafe accessories to your device.