Kingxbar Ombre Apple iPhone 13 Pro blue-purple

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Kingxbar Ombre Series Would you like your iPhone to look great and be safe in case of fall? Kingxbar Ombre case is a combination of the most fashionable color composition and effective protection against such damage as broken housing or scratches. The gadget can secure your mobile phone in case of fall from 3 meters! Thanks to this, you can be sure you use your equipment exactly the way you like, with no fear of costly repairs. And this goes together with a stylish look which rivets attention. Specification: Brand: Kingxbar Series: Ombre Type: Phone case Compatible devices: iPhone Material: TPE Content of the set: 1 x Phone case Major features: Solid and durable TPE Resistance to damage in case of fall from 3 meters Anti-scratch coating securing against scratches Thicker edges absorb shocks Stylish look The most fashionable color Easy installation No limitations to phone functions The most fashionable colors of the season Would you like your iPhone to look stylish and serve as an attractive accessory? The most fashionable ombre colors will let you do that. Interpenetrating colors and shimmering surface catch your eye and look truly fantastic. The entire composition is supplemented by a gold-plated frame around the camera lenses. If you are looking for a trendy accessory, this case is a must-have. Protection in case of fall The case will secure your mobile phone against cracking, even if it falls from 3 meters. A solid and flexible TPE absorbs shocks and takes over the force of impact. This is possible thanks to thicker edges which protect the most exposed spots. Also camera lenses and other fragile parts of the device are covered by protection. If you are looking for effective protection, this gadget will not let you down. Beautiful look for a long time Some cases lose their colors with time, turn yellow, and their surface get seriously scratched. It does not happen to this product. Kingxbar case is made of scratching-resistant material and its colors remain vivid, even in case of long-term exposure to UV radiation.