Folia hydrożelowa Grizz Fitbit Sense

289 Kč * Uváděná cena platí pro 05.06.2023
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Grizz Glass Hydrofilm hydrogel film Key features: three pieces per package NEW! hermetically packed, thanks to OxyFree Technology easy installation covers the entire screen from edge to edge perfectly fitted flexible, does not crack or crumble perfectly protects against scratches and bumps ideal transparency does not affect the functionality of touch Set includes: 3x Grizz Glass Hydrofilm for smartwatch 1x wet cloth 1x dry cloth 1x original packaging Perfectly reproduced hydrogel film. Covers the entire screen from edge to edge. The product has been hermetically packaged with OxyFree Technology. The adhesive layer is not exposed to external factors such as dust and dirt during transport and storage The material of the hydrogel film perfectly reproduces the displayed colors and maintains transparency. Finger glide and screen sensitivity remain unchanged - at the highest level. The watch is much more vulnerable to damage than the phone. Grizz Glass Hydrofilm strengthens the screen on impact and protects it from scratches. Thanks to its flexibility, Grizz Glass Hydrofilm does not crack or shatter, while it adheres perfectly to the device's screen.