Dux Ducis Copa Apple iPad Air 10.9 2020/2022 (4, 5 gen) black

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Dux Ducis Copa foldable case, tablet case with Smart Sleep function and stand How about protecting your tablet without disturbing its elegant appearance ? We have something for you! Choose a case from Dux Ducis, which will additionally ensure that you do not have to remember to lock the device every time - all thanks to the "auto sleep" function. In this way, you save the battery and leave it for other moments - during intensive work, however, you also do not have to worry about anything. The air exhaust system will prevent the tablet from overheating. Specification: Brand: Dux Ducis Model: Copa Material: PU + PC + TPU Additional features: stand function, automatic wake-up, stylus storage The most important advantages of the Dux Ducis Copa case: Automatic wake up - the tablet "wakes up" automatically when the flap is lifted and "falls asleep" when it is closed. You don't have to remember to lock the device every time, which saves battery and your time. Stand function - freely use the tablet either for writing or browsing the web. Thanks to the adjustable stand, you do it in a comfortable and ergonomic way. Raised edges - thanks to them, the device is additionally protected and you can safely put it on a flat surface without the risk of scratches. Accurate cutouts - which ensure that you comfortably use all the functionality of the device as if there were no additional layers on it. Stylus compartment - the built-in compartment keeps the stylus close at hand, while making it much harder to lose. Elegant design - which makes the stylish tablet look great even in a case. The back cover is fully transparent, so you hardly change the look of the device. Robust protection - durable, but non-thickening materials make the device perfectly protected against damage.