Adapter Audio Baseus L52 Lightning to Mini Jack 3.5mm i 2x Lightning Silver

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3-in-1 adapter Listen to music and charge your device at the same time! With the 3-in-1 adapter Baseus you can use two ports for headphones (Lightning and 3.5 mm minijack) at the same time, and additionally charge your phone or tablet with up to 2 A of current. All this is possible at the same time, without worrying about interference Functional In addition to being able to charge and listen to music at the same time, you can also make calls to your loved ones thanks to the Lightning input. Durable Being made of solid aluminum protects it from minor mechanical damage and protects it from scratches. It is resistant to staining and dirt. Specifications Manufacturer Baseus Name 3-in-1 Audio Adapter L52 Product code CALL52-S1 Material Aluminum + ABS Connectors Lightning to 2x Lightning + minijack 3.5 mm Charging current 2 A max Color Silver